Building Stronger Towns and Communities

Building Stronger Towns and Communities

Working to create a sustainable and engaged local economy in your town or city

Welcome to Town and Community

Town and Community Limited (TnC) is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. The purpose of TnC is to engage with the local community to develop and deliver community projects in education, awareness, training, and employment to create self-sustaining local economies.

TnC has started canvasing communities and businesses in County Durham and North East Region to understand the priority challenges for the business community and residents. Working with the Town Councils, Town Ambassadors, and influential stakeholders in each town we will manage the projects through an agreed programme and deliver surgeries, focus groups, awareness campaigns, training, and education to revitalise the town centre and invigorate the wider community.

We have a strong focus on STEM subjects, digital creativity, and innovation in primary and secondary school education, while supporting young adults through training and apprenticeships with the goal of meaningful local employment.

STEM Projects

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We are working with the STEM Ambassador Hub North East England covering Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Tees Valley. Our vision is a World-Leading STEM Education for All Young People.

STEM Projects

Digital Projects

We are leading a programme to alleviate digital poverty in the North East of England starting with school children. We are working on business led digital projects to revitalise town and city centres for sustainable economic growth.

Digital Projects

Education and Awareness

We are developing a carbon zero programme to engage, educate, model, build and deploy wind and solar microgrids for schools and communities.

Education and Awareness

Training & Apprenticeships

We are creating an interactive and engaging introduction to the world of engineering providing a practical route to employment for children and adults in science, technologies, engineering, manufacturing, and supporting services.

Training & Apprenticeships

Together we can end digital poverty once + for all

How we define digital poverty & inequality. “The inability to interact with the online world fully, when, where, and how an individual needs to”.

Together we can end digital poverty once + for all


Town and Community Limited (TC) is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee

Our founding members:

  • Nic Watson

    Virtual Tours Creator and Trainer

    Nic Watson

    Having worked face to face with my customers all of my career I decided to work with them virtually, looking to help businesses make the leap from physical to digital presence. Embracing new technology and new practices but remaining me, the same Nic who had always helped businesses, over delivering, and making great business connections. I love to help people find employment through training and modern apprenticeships.

  • Mark Gardner

    Start-up Coach and Mentor

    Mark Gardner

    I am an experienced manager, mentor, and consultant, with a career covering medical devices, technology, engineering and technical. Over the last nine years I've focussed on helping entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups develop their business and raise finance. Start-ups and troubleshooting opportunities being of particular interest.

  • Carol Wake

    Marketing Manager

    Carol Wake

    I am marketing professional with marketing and business development experience in education, life sciences, and start-up businesses. My passion for helping independent artisans develop sustainable businesses is supported through community engagement and projects. Sustainable local economies in towns and cities using digital technologies is my primary focus.

  • Andy Wake

    Programme Manager

    Andy Wake

    I am a STEM Ambassador, coach and mentor who is committed to helping communities become sustainable through education, training, and employment. Over 25 years delivering change programmes and projects nationally and internationally. The most challenging and most rewarding programmes I led were the Olympic 2012 Legacy – East Village London, Stratford. I am focussed on applying digital technologies to make businesses and communities thrive.